4TV 2112 Audio Entertainment Console

The 2.1 Channel 4TV 2112 Audio Entertainment Console provides amazing component-level audio performance and is designed to fit directly under the TV, or on top of a furniture cabinet below a wall mounted TV set. The system’s stunning smoked glass and an aluminum ultra-low profile enclosure integrates perfectly with today’s televisions.

The 2112 features virtual surround sound with Dolby Digital and DTS decoding and a built-in subwoofer for powerful authoritative bass. And for music streaming, there is Bluetooth® wireless and an instant connection for an optional Apple® Airport Express®. The system also learns your TV remote control and includes a host of connection and control options, making the 4TV 2112 simple to setup and easy to use.

With its beautiful smoked glass and aluminum enclosure, this ultra-low-profile audio console provide amazing component-level audio performance and is designed to fit directly under the TV, or on top of a furniture cabinet below a wall hung TV set. The 4TV 2112 features a stunning design that integrates perfectly with today’s televisions. Unlike sound bars and conventional surround sound systems, which are typically fixed into place, the 4TV console\'s built-in swivel base improves your television viewing experience by allowing you to easily rotate the console and television to the preferred listening and viewing angle.

  • 350 watts Peak & 200 watts RMS Total System Power
  • Dual 20mm fabric dome tweeters
  • Four patent-pending HART drivers
  • Four 4.5” SSHO woofers
  • Built-in subwoofer for deep powerful bass
  • Smoked glass and aluminum enclosures 
  • Convenient top-mounted touch sensitive controls 
  • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding 
  • Music, Movie, and Enhanced-Dialogue listening modes 
  • Enhanced-Dialogue Listening Mode improves dialogue intelligibility for people that have experienced sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Bluetooth with CSR aptX codec for crystal clear, full bandwidth wireless music streaming 
  • SRS TruVolume provides listeners with consistent level while watching TV
  • Apple® audio USB input*
  • Learns your TV’s remote control
Total System Power  350 watts Peak/200 watts RMS
High Frequency Drivers  Dual 20mm Dome Tweeters
Mid/High Frequency Drivers  Quadruple HART Drive Units
Subwoofer Drivers
 Quadruple 4.5" Long Throw Woofers
Tweeters  2 tweeters for Left and Right Channels (20mm)
Subwoofer  Quadruple 4.5" Long Throw Woofers in main cabinet
Surround Processing  Auto Selecting system for Dolby Digital 5.1, 2.0. 1.0 and DTS
Surround/Playback Modes
Selectable for Music, Movie, and Proprietary Enhanced Dialogue
Inputs 2 x Digital, 1 x Optical, 1 x COAX, 1 x Analog RCA, 1x 3.5mm Mini Stereo, 1 x USB Audio
Outputs 1 x Analog RCA
Wireless Music Streaming Bluetooth using CSR apt-x codec
Provisions for Apple Airport Express 1 x Power Outlet, 1 x Digital Optical Input
Firmware Updates 1 x Mini-B USB
Top-Mounted Touch Controls Power, EQ, Remote Learning, Mute, Volume, Digital Source, Analog Source, Wireless, Bluetooth Pairing, USB, and AUX
Remote Learning Functions Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute
Swivel Base Included
Dimensions - Main Unit  
Height without swivel base 54mm
Height with swivel base 64.8mm
Width 1022mm
Depth 437mm
Weight with Swivel Base 25kg

Weight Capacity


With swivel base attached

57 kgs

Without swivel base attached

80 kgs

Warranty 1 year parts and labour
Brochure 5mb
Media Kit 76.75mb
Video 55.83mb

Q. How do I get my 4TV console to turn-on?

A. All 4TV Consoles include a Standby (sleep) feature, which is designed to conserve electrical power when the system is not in use. During use of the 4TV Console, the LEDs on the Control Panel will go out after 30 seconds. If no audio signal is introduced for 10 minutes, the unit goes into its power conservation Standby (sleep) mode and the Power Button LED on the Control Panel comes back on a solid red.

Please follow these instructions to switch the 4TV Console from Standby (sleep) to Active:

Most Common Method – Make the Console Active by pressing the designated “Power” button on the remote control that has been “learned” by the 4TV. The remote control should be aimed at the front of the Console.

Alternative Method: If for some reason you do not have the option of using a remote control, simply approach or wave your hand near the Sensor Window located in the front of the Console. This action will activate the proximity sensor, which enables the console to switch from Standby (sleep) to Active. The solid red LED will change to slowly blinking red. Now press the Power Button on the Control Panel to turn on the Console.

Q. Why can't I stream via Bluetooth from my mobile device to 4TV ?

A1. Many mobile devices, especially using the Android OS, have different software and hardware versions on current phone models and many function very differently. Most phone models work with 4TV, or any other Bluetooth audio product, without issue. However, there are a few popular phone models in the market with known issues related to streaming audio via Bluetooth. So because the problem is not related to 4TV, we suggest visiting your mobile phone manufacturer's website for information or support regarding this issue.

A2. A Bluetooth reception device, like 4TV, can only connect to one streaming source at a time. So, other devices will need to have their Bluetooth function turned off if a problem is encountered.

Q: Where is the remote control for the 4TV?

A. Well, there isn't one! Our 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles feature a remote learning function that eliminates the need for an additional remote control. For instructions on teaching your TV remote to the 4TV console, please refer to your user manual.

Q: I'm not getting the sound I expect from my television hookup?

A. Check your television's audio settings to be sure the digital output is set to "Bitstream". This should force the television not to alter the incoming audio signal from a DVD or BlueRay player, and send the original format to the 4TV console.

Q: How much weight can I place on top of the 4TV console?

A.  The 4TV2112 and 5122 are built very strong and both use metal bars and other techniques to add to their strength. When the console is being used with the swivel base installed, it will hold up to 56.7kg (125lbs) on top. Of course, as the weight increases, the turning resistance will increase, but it will still rotate. When not using the swivel base, the console will hold an additional 22.7kg (50lbs), or a total of 79.4kg (175lbs).

Q: When I play music the sound is not what I expect?

A. 4TV features Movie, Music, and Enhanced Dialogue modes to give you the best experience for movies or music or voices. For the most enjoyable music experience, we suggest using the Music mode EQ setting on 4TV.

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